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Villa La Perla

Via Nuova per Pisa, 1973
55100 Lucca

Tel. +39 0583 370763
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Villa La Perla
Villa La Perla Villa La Perla

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Villa La Perla Lucca

Tuscany auto collection Lucca

Saturday 6 and Sunday 7 June, at the covered market in Marlia , is planning an extensive two - day event dedicated to fans of cars and engines ; the first edition of Lucca Tuscany Car Col ......

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Villa La Perla Lucca

The feast of Santa Zita

The feast of Santa ZitaOn 27 April each year the city of Lucca celebrates Santa Zita. Piazza S.Frediano and square Amphitheatre are covered with colorful flowers and plants to ......

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Villa La Perla Lucca

Via Francigena

The Via Francigena, Franchigena, Francisca or Romea, is part of a bundle of routes, also called Romee streets, which led from Central Europe, especially from France, to Rome. In southern ......

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